Case Study Rebekah Simon-Peter

Project Success Story:
Rebekah Simon-Peter
Coaching & Consulting

Case Study Rebekah Simon-Peter

Scope of the Project


Albuquerque, NM

Casper, WY

New England

The Client

Rebekah Simon Peter Head ShotRebekah Simon-Peter’s program, “Creating a Culture of Renewal” has been transforming the United Methodist Church for the last several years- but her website and marketing was dated and did not match the modern, dynamic style of her teaching and curriculum. 

The Challenge

Top 5 Goals for the Rebekah Simon-Peter Coaching & Consulting Marketing Project:
  • Modernize the Brand’s Image
  • Increase Enrollments In CCR
  • Tell the Brand’s Story in a Manner that Connects with Consumers
  • Illustrate the Impact that CCR is having nationwide
  • Create distinctive branding

The Solution

Our team’s initial competition analysis focused on identifying the missing elements of Rebekah Simon-Peter Coaching & Consulting’s online marketing.

Through multiple photo-shoots and filming sessions, Future Photo Group’s team created a strong, cohesive brand identity that modernized RSPCC’s image.

RSPCC made the smart choice to update and modernize their branding with a marketing package from Future Photo Group. However, they chose not to utilize Future Photo Group’s ongoing website management services and, due to alterations made by RSPCC’s staff, the modern look and feel of the website produced by our team has diminished since the project was completed. To maintain the modern look and feel of our clients’ marketing investments, the majority of our clients continue to utilize Future Photo Group’s website management plans to professionally maintain their image.

Project Results

Brand Modernization
Video Marketing
Client's Website Management

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